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The AGM of the Upton Folk Dance and Song Society will be held at 8 pm on Thursday, 19th October in The Oak Room in The Anchor, Upton.

This is an important year for the Festival as Steve Underwood, the Treasurer, Jo and I are retiring from our responsibilities and thus new officers of the society must be elected.

The formal structure of the festival is at two levels:

The Upton Folk Dance and Song Society is the legal body which "owns" the festival; the directors of the UFDSS appoint the Festival Committee which does the work of organising the festival.

Historically the Festival Committee and the UFDSS directors have been the same people but this is not necessarily the case.

On 19th of October the members of the Society will electing the board of the Society who will then appoint the Festival Committee.

Helen Ablitt has agreed to stand as Chairman and Ceri James as Treasurer and Company Secretary for the Society but other nominations are welcome in advance (Chairman@UptonFolk.ORG) or at the meeting.

Richard Hannah
Retiring Chairman - UFDSS

Photos from Malvern Phodography

Concert Artists Booked for 2018

Mike Wilson & Damien Barber


Granny's Attic



and "New Roots" stars,
The Wriggle Jigglers

Winners from 2017

The John Birmingham Cup for songwriting (Upton heat)
Winner, Sue Harris with her song "Two Jigs and a Reel". Sue and her song will go forward to the final in Whitby Folk Week in August.

Thanks to Mo Bradshaw for organising and compering the event, to all competitors, to Paul Walker and Karen Pfeiffer for their musical interlude and to judges Jane Rushton & Jen Wilson

The Demon Barber's Clog Competition
Winner Sam Jones, runner-up Ayliffe Edwards.

Thanks to all musicians for their support, to Victoria Berringer for her Irish Old Step interlude and to judges Huw Williams and Ceri James.

The Acoustic Talent Contest
Winner Greg Rowlands, runner-up Robert May.

Thanks to Ken Wilkinson and Russ Franklin for organising and compering the event, to all the competitors and to all the judges.

The Andy Scarf Memorial Prize
was awarded to all the sides dancing on Saturday as all the announcements were so good.

Upton in Bloom Duck Race
1st no 98
2nd no 27
3rd no 110
Thank you to everyone who took part.

...and more in the pipeline...

Information as it becomes available can be found from the Upton-upon-Severn Tourist information Office, the Upton-upon-Severn Folk Festival facebook page - or this website.

The Upton in Bloom Duck Race 2017

Live images from the riverside Festival site and river

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