Upton upon Severn Folk Dance and Song Society

The Folk Festival is promoted by the Upton upon Severn Folk Dance and Song Society.

Membership of the society is available on application and acceptance by the committee. Membership is open to all those who wish to promote Folk Dancing and Folk Music in the district of Upton upon Severn in South Worcestershire.

The Society is a Company Limited by Guarantee, registration number 4219663 with charitable objectives. The company was formed in May 2002. Accounts for the company are lodged with Companies House in Cardiff.

The present Chairman of the Society is Richard Hannah.

The Society appoints committee members to run the Folk Festival.

The Society directors are:

Chairman: Richard Hannah
Company Secretary: Steve Underwood
Festival Directors: Steve Underwood, Rod Penlington, Helen Ablitt, Colin Ablitt, Geoff Johnson and Alison Underwood

The Registered address is:
Orchard House
Baxter Avenue
Worcs. DY10 2HB

Join Us
By joining the Society you can help ensure the future of the Festival and influence its direction. The Society appoints a committee who make the detailed decisions and do the work required to run the Festival, the Society supervises this and sets the framework of the events. The committee members do not need to be members of the society.

By joining you will take on a financial liability in the event of the Society's insolvency. This is limited to price of membership (see below).

There are two classes of membership: individual, and organisations (typically Morris sides and folk clubs)

Membership is available upon filling in an application form and payment of the annual membership fee of 10 for individuals and 50 for organisations.

Acceptance for membership is granted at the sole discretion of the Trustees of the Society.

Members are entitled to reduced ticket prices for the festival.

Each member will be entitled to vote at the Annual General Meeting of the Society.

Membership is governed by the Memorandum and Articles of Association of the Society.

Members should be aware that they may be asked to contribute up to 10 in the event of the winding up of the society.

Application details:

I / We wish to apply for membership of the Upton upon Severn Folk Dance and Song Society.

I / We agree to abide by the rules governing membership as outlined in its Memorandum and Articles of Association.

I / We enclose a cheque for 10/50 in respect of annual membership. I understand that my application may be refused by the Trustees upon which the 10 membership fee will be refunded to me. Please make cheques payable to Upton upon Severn Folk Dance and Song Society

Your details:

Full name












Usual Signature


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